Ann Paterson

Ann PatersonWhy has Art become such an important focus for you?

“I just like it! I have always liked it!” says Ann Paterson when asked why she has been drawn towards working in Art fields. She says she has always done something and recalls the influence that a High School Art teacher at Holthill Convent School in Cheshire, England, had on her.

As a day boarder at this school she would go up into the highest rooms and draw what she saw, which was mainly roof tops. Her fascination with roof tops remains today. Ann was also interested in factories and old buildings and this interest has also remained.

Tell us about the shepherds who have led you down the Art Pathway!

There have been a number of strong influences in Ann’s creative life. The High School Art Teacher was just the first of these. Ann shares that Andrew John was one shepherd who introduced her to the vibrancy of Water Color and recalls doing ‘A Year of Life Drawing’ and a Calligraphy course as a part of a fine arts certificate in Meadowbank, Sydney. It was here that she was introduced to Chinese Brush Stroke.

Another strong memory is of going out ‘en plein air’ one morning a week with an Eltham artist  and she credits Paul Margocsy as having had a significant impact on her work. Margocsy is famous for his air brushed backgrounds and his painting of birds.

Blue Wren, as student of Paul M

Blue Wren, as student of Paul M

Then there was Agathe Ravet-Haevermans from the National Museum of Natural History, Paris who introduced Ann to Scientific Botanical illustration.

Weeping Chinese Elm, as student of Agathe

Weeping Chinese Elm, as student of Agathe

So many shepherds to acknowledge and doff a hat to.

In what way have staff impacted on you at Continuing Education?

” I respect Andrew Goodman’s rigour in ensuring that we get all the shades of a single color! I really needed to be told to do better and Andrew, with his unswerving determination to have us master shades has had a huge impact on my work.”

I enjoyed the drawing with charcoal exercises

Castlemaine Market-Place Side Aisle

Castlemaine Market-Place Side Aisle

” A huge moment for me was having Dave Marshall introduce us to Ochres. I have wanted to use them for years. While Dave led us to the quarry outside Castlemaine it was his passion towards various forms of art that shone through. I felt like I was blotting paper as this seeped within.”

Castlemaine ochre quarry, all in ochre

Castlemaine ochre quarry, all in ochre

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